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School Wide Positive Behaviour

At Pembroke Primary School, we are guided by our Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy which is to be read in conjunction with Effective Schools are Engaging Schools – Student Engagement Policy Guidelines (DEECD, 2009). The policy outlines our approach in whole-school prevention, rights and responsibilities, shared expectations and school actions and consequences. Our approach is underpinned by the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support.

What is SWPBS?

School-wide positive behaviour support (SWPBS) is a framework that helps our school to develop a positive, safe, and supportive learning culture.

SWPBS helps us to improve social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes for our students.

At Pembroke Primary School, our SWPBS journey began when we asked our school community to decide the core values that were important to us all:


Our Values:


The Behaviour Matrix turns these values into expected behaviours. Expected behaviours are explicitly taught in each classroom. It is referred to and discussed regularly with the students at Pembroke Primary School.


You might have seen these posters around the school and in our classrooms. They show students how to have positive behaviours in each area of our school. We teach each behaviour to the students.


Positive Acknowledgement System


A whole school system is used to reinforce the positive behaviours. When a teacher ‘catches’ a student displaying one of our positive behaviour values, the student receives a token related to the value, which is added to the collection tubes in the student’s classroom.


The value and positive behaviour is reinforced by saying:

‘Wow,Tracy, that was so respectful when you waited your turn. Here’s a Respect token.’


When a behaviour tube is filled, the class earns a cell for our whole school beehive AND also earn a class reward, decided by the students.

Cells are awarded and celebrated at assembly each week.


Once the beehive is full, students vote on a whole-school celebration.

Talk to your child about our positive behaviour rewards.

Ask if they have received a token and what it was for.


Perhaps you would like to make a list of positive behaviours for your home.

You could create your own system to acknowledge your child every time they show positive behaviour.


Click here to download this Parent Information Booklet as a pdf. Click here to download the Chin Hakha version.

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